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Advantages of Direct Mail

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Three quick advantages of direct mail:

  1. Direct Mail takes the advertiser’s message directly to the consumer.
  2. With targeted mailing lists, advertisers can send their message to specific groups.
  3. Direct Mail puts the advertiser’s message in the hands of the consumer at home where they read all their mail.

Direct mail is not without its problems. Over the years, direct mail also became known by another name: junk mail. Since consumers  have a tendency to throw away mail associated with ads, marketers are challenged to ensure consumers are reading their ads.

There are 2 main areas that helps make direct mail successful:

  1. Headline – grab their attention with the right headline.
  2. Offer – make an offer worth your customers’ time.

At YourAdTeam, we specialize in producing successful direct mail campaigns. Now’s the best time ever to develop your direct mail campaign. We can help.

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Don’t Let Your Smart Phone Dumb You Down

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Smart phones are awesome. But it would be dumb to lose a friend, a client, or an order because you’re looking at your smart phone during a conversation or meeting.

Looking at your phone in the middle of a meeting or conversation tells the person there with you they are not your priority right now.

Wait until the meeting or conversation is over before looking at your phone. Then you can actually use your time more efficiently by answering and/or reading more than one text or email at a time.

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