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Don’t Let Your Smart Phone Dumb You Down

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Smart phones are awesome. But it would be dumb to lose a friend, a client, or an order because you’re looking at your smart phone during a conversation or meeting.

Looking at your phone in the middle of a meeting or conversation tells the person there with you they are not your priority right now.

Wait until the meeting or conversation is over before looking at your phone. Then you can actually use your time more efficiently by answering and/or reading more than one text or email at a time.

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Corporate Apparel: Embroidery and Screenprinting

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You can wear embroidered apparel to business meetings, golf tournaments, dining out in the evening, business after hours events, work wear… and the list goes on. The key is to make sure your embroidery is sewn professionally… be picky about how it looks.

The other thing to remember – the high end brand name dri fit material shirts look amazing all the time. Try to steer clear of 100% cotton for embroidered logos… they tend to shrink slightly and might distort your logo.

Want your customers to advertise for you like they do for Nike and other famous brands? Well, embroider your brand on some really cool Nike caps and give them away. Be sure you stick with top quality caps. The point is to have your customers wearing them… not thrown in the closet with the other 32 caps in their collection.

Professionally embroidered apparel is a subtle way to keep your brand in front of your clients every time you see them.

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