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Mentioning Social Contacts on Multiple Networks

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There’s no value in mentioning someone on a network they pay no attention to.

Watch the timing to take advantage of all opportunities. After you share content in one place, wait to see if it’s reshared or generates comments. Then cross over to another network to thank and mention people who engaged.

The key is to watch for actions on one network and respond to them on another networkHere are some examples:

  • They share your content on Twitter and you thank them with an invitation or message on LinkedIn.
  • They like your post on Facebook and you thank them next time you share the post on Twitter.
  • They comment on your post and you thank all of the commenters with a mention when you share it on Google+.

There are a couple things that could happen here.

  • The people you target may share it again on the second network. This is likely because they like it.
  • They may follow you on the second network. Now, you connect to high-value contacts on several networks, not just one.

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