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Answering Complaints on Social Media

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If you’re dealing with your own social media management, then you are likely coming across people who are very vocal about how they feel about your brand. In this two part blog (look for the next part on Wednesday), we’re going to let you know how you can answer complaints and complements on social media. In today’s post, we’re going to explore complaints.

  • Be sure to acknowledge the complaint publicly, if it is done publicly. If it’s a private request via messages, you don’t have to worry about this step. After you acknowledge it, let them know that you’re going to contact them privately (and then do so).
  • Have a plan in place as to how you will deal with specific types of complaints. Do you have vouchers that you can use, or coupons that you can give the party? Do you have a way to give a refund.
  • Never, ever delete negative feedback, but keep it up with your reply. That way, others can see how you respond, and that will help your marketing.

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