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Avoid Putting Ads in Comments on YouTube

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If you are making YouTube videos as a part of your marketing campaign, you may want to be careful as to how you advertise them. I’ll see people in the comments of famous YouTuber’s’ pages that just spam their videos constantly, trying to ride on the coattails of the more well known YouTubers’ success.

Now, if you’re involved in that YouTube community and you have a relevant link or response, that’s totally acceptable, but don’t just go on their pages to spam your latest video or post something that really doesn’t have any relevance to the video in question.

This issue, actually, is one of the main reasons that PewDiePie (the number one most subscribed to YouTuber in the world, with 32 million subscribers at the time of this article’s writing) turned off his comments for a period of time. He was tired of people spamming in this way, because he tries to foster community in his comments, much like many other YouTubers. Be tactful!


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