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Avoiding Rehearsed Tweets

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“Rehearsed” Tweets are absolutely dull, to be honest. Some people will schedule a random ad tweet during particular intervals in their tweeting. Sometimes it will be every five tweets, sometimes it will be every twenty, and in some cases it could be fifty or one-hundred tweets that go by before an ad comes up.

But the issue is, these tweets are incredibly rehearsed and they appear to be ingenuine. These “rehearsed Tweets” have a set makeup and sound the same every time they are posted. Usually, they’re based on a script. The problem with these rehearsed Tweets is that they totally ignore the interactivity and targeting that is a huge benefit for Twitter users.

Instead of copying and pasting rehearsed tweets, why don’t you interact with your audience some more? Follow what they’re saying, and post relevant Tweets that will give them information that is relevant to your interests and to the interests of your audience.

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