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Avoiding the “Trolls”

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So, you’ve been getting a lot of people to follow you and comment and retweet or share your posts on social media. That’s great, right? Yes, absolutely, but there is one issue that can come up when more people are flocking to and enjoying whatever it is that your website has to offer them.

The Trolls.

No, we don’t mean the little mythological creatures. The trolls are people who will come onto websites – all sorts of websites, forums, social media sites, and whatever else that you can imagine – with no reason except that they want to stir up trouble and see people’s reactions to whatever it is that they’re doing. So, how can you stop them?

  • Don’t feed them or acknowledge them. If you give them bait and make them want to come back, they’re just going to continue to be annoying and put things on your website. Just ignore them if you can.
  • Encourage your followers to ignore them. Do it in a subtle way, but make sure your staff and followers don’t pay attention to their shenanigans either.
  • If they become a big problem, don’t be afraid to block them. You can block people from most social media pages, so take advantage of it if you have to.

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