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When you’re putting together social media posts, you want to have a little bit of variety. You don’t want to come across like you only talk about your own company. In fact, many people advise the 8-/20 posting ratio – where you post 80% of the time about other stuff and 20% about promotional stuff. To be a leader in an industry, you have to have an expert knowledge of the WHOLE industry.

Some people will tell you that it’s a good idea that you go ahead and post news from the industry. Many times, people who are into your product care about the whole industry and want to make sure that they know about it. By making your page a place where people can go to check things out, you are going to get more interaction, even from people who may not be customers yet.

Images are one of the most effective social media content ideas – especially in terms of shares. Share some helpful info about your field by posting an infographic. You could make your own infographic (if you have time to do so), or you can look around and find a number of them online.

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