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Connecting on Twitter with Follows

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Start following people and businesses that may be interested in what you’re doing and interacting with the audiences that you come across. You can’t start building an audience until you start following other people on social media. You can start by searching keywords or hashtags that may be related to your content. Then, you can find users that focus on those things or even other businesses that are located in other areas that do some of the same things you are doing.

Then, once you get connected, you want to make sure that you’re talking with people! Not only should you be posting content on your own page, but you should be retweeting pertinent posts from other Twitter users, replying to inquiries, and getting involved in conversations. That way, you become a visible part of the communities that you want to become a part of, and people will start to recognize you, follow you, interact with you, and share what you’re saying as well.

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