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Do I Need a Blog and Social Media?

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Some people get overwhelmed at the thought of doing multiple types of social media in Arkansas. Are you one of those who are wondering if you should also have blog content with your social media website? Here’s the main reason why those who work in marketing consulting and social media management suggest you have both.

You can only say so much with social media. You’ve got a character limit, or at the very least, a text limit on most types of social media. Sure, you can still say quite a few things, but you may need more room to really explain your thoughts and ideas.

Your blog is connected to your main website. If you have a blog, it should be a part of your website. Why does this matter? Because the “spiders” which check out your website for search engine purposes will see that you’re constantly updating your website if you’re blogging regularly. That will help increase your visibility and bump you up in search results.

You can double dip content. Did you post a blog today? Then link to it on your social media. That’s one less post that you have to take care of!

If you’re intimidated by the thought of blogging yourself, our advertising agency in Arkansas offers ghost blogging and Facebook advertising specialists that can help you navigate the waters with as little stress as possible.

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