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Efficiency Above All Else

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One of the biggest problems that I have is related to efficiency. Sometimes, I end up doing some sort of job or task and I end up doing it in a way that would take a lot more time than other people would because I just think it’s a “better” way. However, I try not to be that way with blogs and social media.

So, why is efficiency important when it comes to blogs and social media? The main reason is because many people get on social media to look at snippets, maybe click a few things, and then get out of there. So Twitter’s model at 144 characters or less is actually quite effective, and you should try to keep that “short but sweet” mindset on all of the platforms that you use.

In some cases, all you need is an image and maybe a statement to go with it. In other cases, you can write a little more or put a quote in from an article. But the more efficient you are and the more efficient that you make it for your audience to be able to read, the better it will be when it comes to traffic and shares in the long run.

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