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Equipment for Video Recording

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Decide how you’ll record your video. You can do it on your cell phone and even pick up a cheap selfie stick so you can hold your phone further from your body than you can with just your arm. The fancy ones come with a plug that makes it easier to press the on/off button while recording.

If you plan to do a lot of videos and you want high quality, buy a good video camera. If you choose to buy a camera, also buy a lapel microphone with a 25-foot cord and a tripod.

You also want to get yourself a three-light kit that has square lights. The three-light kits, which vary in price, are called “soft boxes,” and they come with a cover that you can put over the bulbs. This will save your eyes and make the lights easier to adjust to so you get just the effect you want. Once you’ve figured out what lighting works best in your space, diagram the positions on a piece of paper so you can easily replicate what you have learned.

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