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Going to A Conference to Expand YouTube Reach

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One of the best things about going to events like VidCon and other YouTube events is that you can go to panels in order to educate yourself and move forward with whatever it is that you may be looking to do.If you’ve got an area of expertise yourself, you may also be able to be involved in certain panels, which can also be a huge asset to you as well, because it gets your name out there and people will become interested in what you have to say and what you’re doing on your YouTube channel.

The panels are different at these various conferences every year, with some that stay the same, but the workshops and such will vary based on trends that are going on in the industry and what people seem to want. Keep an eye out and see if you can help create a panel or be part of a panel that is already going to be going on at the convention. VidCon and other conventions have a lot of opportunities to learn and for you to share your knowledge, so be sure that you take advantage of everything that you have available to you while at the convention.

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