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Is Email Marketing Still Viable?

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Email marketing will likely always be a part of Internet marketing strategy and should be in sync with content and social media. Email needs to work across all devices. The number one priority for online marketers is to redesign an email to improve click through rates on a mobile device. It takes time to adjust to this, but we can help you to get things ready in a way that everyone will be able to access and enjoy what there is to offer from your marketing emails.

Email lists experience a slight attrition rate due to bounces, unsubscribes, and inactive users. A big reason for customers to unsubscribe is because the content consistently doesn’t relate to them. Besides content that doesn’t relate, marketers need to monitor their email frequency. If customers are opting out at a growing rate then you have to question the frequency of your email. Are you sending out way too much email to your customers? This would be the next thing to look at after content, and if you are, then temper it a little bit.

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