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Is TweetDeck Worth Your Time?

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TweetDeck is a cool tool if you don’t like the way that the Twitter interface looks. Essentially, it’s a dashboard that works with the API of Twitter in order to give you more flexibility and insight when using Twitter as a marketing and/or monetization tool. Here are a few of the features that TweetDeck offers to its users.

  • You can arrange your feeds in the way that you want to see them. They have the interface split into columns that you can use to organize your feeds in a way that makes sense to you.
  • You can use Twitter as a desktop application instead of using it on your browser, which makes it more convenient. If you’re like every other social media professional, you have too many tabs open on your browser as it is, so the desktop app is pretty cool.
  • TweetDeck helps you to filter the information that you need in a more advanced way that you can using the standard Twitter API.
  • If you have multiple accounts, TweetDeck may be a good option in terms of helping you organize and post from all of your Twitter accounts. In my opinion, that is not what TweetDeck is best utilized for; if you are just looking for a social media management system that covers multiple accounts, then I would suggest HootSuite, which is discussed more in the next section.
  • TweetDeck has customizable alerts and notifications that you can develop in a way that best fits you and your purposes.

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