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Keep Up with the Visuals For Social Media Engagement

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Look at your own, personal Facebook feed. What do you see on there most often? If yours looks like mine, then it’s swarmed with a number of pictures that my friends and family post throughout the day. Funny little memes, and all of that. Did you know that this observation could make a big difference in your own social media needs?

By using pictures and such in your social media, you’re greatly increasing the chance that you’re going to get people interested in whatever it is that you have to offer. People are going to be more likely to “like” and “share” pictures rather than quotes and random babble related to whatever it is that you have to offer the industry.

Why is this the case? Because many of us, especially adults, use social media to get information, and if there’s a visual way to get information, we’re going to be a lot more likely to engage with it and show other people exactly what it is that we’re interested in. So, before you put up another social media post, consider finding some way to add a picture to it.

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