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Marketing Your Content with Social Ads

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Did you know that a lot of people get information about shopping and businesses via social media nowadays? That’s why a lot of people are going to suggest that you use social ads as a way to amplify the reach of your content marketing when you push it out through your social channels. A $10-20 boost on Facebook can go a long way.

But, why? There are a few reasons. First, it feels a lot more natural than shoving things into people’s faces. If you have to force your audience to see the value in the content, or hard sell it, it won’t work. Build content around a takeaway for the audience.

You can also connect with other people in your industry, who will get the word out about what you’re doing. Make reference to influencers by linking to their content or quoting them within your content marketing. Then reach out and let them know when you’ve mentioned them, either through manual social notifications or via email.

Of course, there are some people who are going to feel skeptical. Avoid verbose headlines and go with short, simple, optimized titles that get the point across. The closer you get to looking like click-bait, the warier your audience may become.

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