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Media is Always Changing

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Many people look at media and consider it to be an electrical wire. The generators create the electricity, feed it through the wire, and it is consumed by products that use electricity. Before social media, this was a good analogy. The generator of media was the news outlets; the wire was newspapers and magazines, and the electricity-using products are those who read them. Many people assume that the internet works the same, and in some cases, it does. You use a search engine, get the information you need, and move on.

The analogy breaks down when social media comes into the picture. Social media suddenly brings in tons and tons of content creators, so that means there are literally millions of generators all trying to get to the same people. This makes it hard for you to develop internet marketing traffic in a way that makes sense and that is actually going to stand out. You can’t think in the same restricted ways, so you have to find a way to sift through the mess and get information out to people.

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