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Oversaturation and Social Media

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Oversaturation will drive your audience crazy, no matter who is in your audience. If you are constantly inundating your audience with advertisement after advertisement, product promotion after product promotion, your audience is going to get bored. They’re also going to become desensitized to it; eventually, your old monetization methods are going to not give you any money at all if you aren’t careful.

Imagine if you saw the same advertisement every single day, several times a day. Or if, every time you went to a particular Twitter feed, it was spotted with advertisements and promotional products every other tweet. You’d probably stop following them, correct? Would you ever buy anything from them? Probably not, unless you saw something that was actually of interest to you. Then why would you try that method on your audience? The other day, we talked about avoiding “rehearsed” Tweets; the same logic applies here. Allow your product promotion and your advertising to be more fluid and organic instead of forcing it into every nook and cranny where you assume it will fit.

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