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Putting Focus on Quality

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Some people think the more content they make, the more people will engage with it and follow them. But in a time of content overload, it’s a mistake to prioritize quantity.

Focus instead on creating the absolute best quality content within your area of expertise. It’s a time-consuming process, to be sure. You won’t be able to churn out copy, videos or other content as regularly as some people think is necessary. But if you want to maintain a loyal and captivated audience, you can’t simply stand out — you have to blow people away. Here are tips to help you to be accurate and exciting as well.

  • Google something related to your industry.
  • Click on the first three to five links on the search-results page. Treat the content on these pages as the benchmark against which you’ll compare your own.
  • Identify each piece’s strengths as well as note how each could be improved. This gives you actionable steps to make your content even better than these examples. If a blog post contains too much text, include more images in your content. If a web page omits important information, research to fill in the gaps. If an article is too wordy or difficult to understand, invest time to make the writing succinct and clear.

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