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Reeling in Millennials

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Did you know that almost half of millennials are game for sharing a service or product on social media in exchange for a little kickback. They aren’t going to share a poor product or customer experience, but if you combine a great experience with an attractive offer, you will have an army of brand promoters and supporters willing and able to help grow your brand with little-to-no upfront out-of-pocket funding. Giving out discount codes and credit is a very small price to pay for the reach and power of millennial supporters.

And that can be a big help for you. We all want to get more people into our websites and such but, on top of that, we want to get millennials in because they are the ones who are really going to purchase from us as time goes on. So, knowing that you can use a little bit of a discount or kickback to get their attention and to ask them to share on social media will make a big difference for you.

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