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Replying to Comments

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If you’re on your way to becoming a Facebook advertising specialist, then you need to make sure that you’re communicating with your audience.  One of the most important parts of social media management is making sure that you get your audience engaged in what you’re saying so that they know that you care about them as the customer. Here are some tips you can use for replying to social media in Arkansas.

Replying to positive comments. Positive comments are simple to reply to, but many of us forget to do so. Take the time to give a “like” or “favorite” at the very least, or have an appreciative comment that you can use as a reply (“thanks for visiting us!” or “thanks for using our services!”) so people know that you’re listening.

Replying to negative comments. Many people will use social media to get your attention about something negative. Don’t try to sort it out online – reply to their comment with a generic statement, like “Could you send us a private message to let us know more?” and then continue helping them in private messages.

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