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Should You Cut off a Social Media Site?

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Yikes. Some of you probably looked at that title and shuddered a little because you know that one of your social media sites is not really doing what you want or need it to do. Many companies will try a few different platforms – and that’s good as long as you’re not wearing yourself thin – but some of them are not going to work as well as others.

So, if you have a social media website that just isn’t doing anything, should you get rid of it? The answer is yes, all of the time. Why? Because honestly, dragging it along kicking and screaming isn’t doing anything for anyone at all. It actually is wasting a lot of time for you and it may not be worth the effort that you put into it.

On top of that, a social media page that doesn’t seem to be getting any response isn’t going to look good on your business at all. Those things come up in your searches and, if someone finds your dead Twitter or Google+, they may not be as interested as they would have been if they found your alive and booming Facebook first.

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