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Some Ideas for Visual Engagement

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Recently, we talked about the importance of actually dealing with visual engagement as a part of your social media campaign. But, how do you do that? Our next few blog posts will share some thoughts on how you can make this happen more easily.

  • If you want your Facebook fans to read stories about your customers or your company (instead of driving them to another site), it might be better to write longer Facebook posts. Instead of summarizing the story or just having the title, tell the full story. People will be more likely to click through and read it!
  • Creating a Facebook photo album is another great way to share a story with your followers. This tends to be perfect for events where you would have many photos taken to share. You can have a lot of fun with it too, and every time you add pictures to an album, it’ll show up in News Feeds!
  • Sometimes, even a collection of photos might not be sufficient to tell the story you have in mind. Perhaps you can consider videos if you have the resources and time. As Facebook videos can be up to 120 minutes long, they are great for longer stories. Furthermore, Facebook is tweaking its News Feed algorithm to prioritize longer videos that engage viewers.

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