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Switch Up Your Social Media Content

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When you’re dealing with a marketing consultant, they will probably tell you a lot about social media management. The best advice that we have for you is that you need to keep your content fresh and switch it up so that it catches people’s attention. You don’t need to be a Facebook advertising specialist to do this well either – here are a few suggestions to consider.

  • Switch between articles, videos, images, and text. There is so much material for you to choose from that there’s really no reason that you’d have to do the same thing all of the time. Switch between these various types of media.
  • Don’t be afraid to put two types of media in a post. Use an image and then link to a video. Use some text with your image. Talk about an article when you put up the link. Keep it varied and engaging.
  • Modify for every social medium you use. Sure, you can post some text on Facebook, but why not link to an article or use a picture on Twitter for the same thing? This keeps it fresh and allows people to see the difference if they follow you in several places.

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