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Turn Presentations into Blogs

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Many people don’t realize that there is blog content all over the place, and if you are at a company where a lot of people are giving information and doing presentations, then you actually have some information that is sitting right in your lap and is ready to go – presentations!

If you’re in charge of social media and/or you own a company, then you have the ability to get access to all of the different things that you need in order to ensure that you’ve got content. You want to get the person’s permission first, but many times, you can get some blog posts and social media posts out of what they had to say.

Or, as we mentioned in another post, you may even be able to talk that employee into writing a blog for you so that you can have some extra content to put on there. It will be different from the presentation, obviously, but sometimes you can get clearer and more interesting information when it’s coming right from the person who put it all together in the first place.

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