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Using Hashtags Effectively on Twitter

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So you still aren’t used to using hashtags? Here are six tips that can help you use hashtags effectively and without irritating your followers.

  1. Do not overdo the hashtags! Twitter has a 140 character limit; don’t load half of those characters with hashtag fodder. Write out something useful or informative and tag on one to three hashtags in the tweet. Use them naturally.
  1. Don’t use more than two or three words in your hashtags. Hashtags that look like #Checkoutourhugeannualsale are obnoxious and just ate up most of your tweet. Stick to #annualsale. On that same vein, if your company has several words in its name, come up with some sort of abbreviation to make it shorter. For example, if your company is named Jim and Bob’s Farmer’s Market, go ahead and use #JBFarmMarket or even #JimandBob as a hashtag. Doesn’t that look much cleaner than #JimandBobsFarmMarket? Exactly.
  1. Don’t be too broad with your keywords. Going with our Jim and Bob’s Farmers Market example, if you were just to use #farmermarket or #farmmarket, it could really get lost in everything. Those bland hashtags are fine if you are a general user that isn’t trying to get followers, but if you’re using Twitter for monetization, it’s going to fall on its face. Use hashtags that may fall into categories of keywords where your posts are some of the only ones that show up. That way, you can grab onto your target audience better.

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