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Utilizing Hashtags for Marketing

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If you’ve been working on social media management, and you aren’t sure how you want to move forward with it, here’s a hint that you should try so that you can become a Twitter or Facebook advertising specialist. Utilize hashtags (#) as part of your strategy when it comes to marketing.

Hashtags, essentially, make it so that your Tweets, Facebook tags, and/or Instagram tags are easy to find. Hashtags, essentially, sort out the keywords and make it so that people who are interested in those things can find them on your social media. They’re easy to search, and you can find everything that is trending on social media.

One of the most effective ways to use hashtags is by getting involved in events that happen in hashtags. One of the most popular ones out there is “Throwback Thursday,” which is usually indicated by the tag #tbt. People will post pictures from “back in the day” so that you can enjoy them together. Look around and try to find out what the different ones are related to your industry or whatever else you’d like to try, and you’ll start to see your traffic increase quite a bit.

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