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What Audience Do You Focus On?

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Did you know that there are three groups of people who are going to cross your website at one point or another? Here they are:

  1. The first group is small. These are the people who want to try and do everything for free or as close to free as possible. These people never ever pay for professional help. They were never prospective clients, so you lose nothing.
  2. The second group is the largest.  These people will try and do something themselves, but will hire professional help if they are not getting the results they need. They value genuine expertise.
  3. The third group is the smallest. These are the rare people, who value their time and also ‘get’ that by hiring an expert to do something correctly for them, it works out a lot less expensive, the results are better and things happen faster.

As you may realize from the descriptions, you need to make sure that you’re focusing most of your efforts on the third group – the first group wasn’t going to get in touch with you anyway. And, if you focus on the third group, you’re going to get stragglers from the second group that were becoming part of that third group anyway.

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