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What is Twitter?

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Twitter is referred to as a “microblogging” platform. In a “Tweet” (message), you are only permitted to use 140 characters. Links are treated a bit differently, and Twitter works to condense them so that they can still be viewed as a part of the Tweet. The website is known by their token “bird” icon, and Twitter is also where the all important “hashtag (#)” started to be used on social media.

Twitter has become an incredibly popular platform for celebrities and for people who are looking to keep in touch with other people. The fact is, it’s great to be able to type out a short little message or thought that you just want to get out into the universe and many people find this form of communication incredibly appealing. In a world where we are on the go all of the time, we cherish quick little messages or blurbs that we can read in a couple of seconds, as opposed to long rambles we may see in articles or blogs.

This, of course, makes it important for us, as businesspersons, to dip our toes into the water of Twitter. With its simple to use format, the format’s constantly expanding popularity, and the ability to get in touch with your followers with a few keystrokes, it’s something that every business should harness the power of. Dozens of businesses of all sizes and types have started to get the word out on Twitter, and you can definitely get a piece of the marketing pie if you jump on it now.

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